Our company was created after years of work in the service of other well-known brands worldwide. We have acquired knowledge in a wide range of fabrics and processes, especially regarding DENIM treatment methods.
Our business goal was to create a product for customers with an extra need … XXL sizes. Our mission is:

“Give the opportunity, even to those who don’t have an average size,
to wear fashionable clothing, with a young and appealing fit”.

For this reason, we have chosen resistant, elastic and comfortable fabrics that allow everyone to wear our garments on any occasion.



The treatments, the innovative wearability, the accessories and the style make the DOGEans jeans unique in their category. Moreover, another benefit: they are Puro Made in Italy.
DOGEans is strictly an Italian product. Completely made in Italy (manufacturing industries are located between Treviso, Padua and Venice) and holding a control certification of all the constituent elements of the work chain: from the choice of fabrics (with their extraordinary properties that adapt to all needs) to the refinement of models, from accessories to fit, to washing, conditioning and packaging techniques.



The DOGEans clothing is made using cutting-edge techniques; like laser systems that, thanks to their versatility, combine power and definition. The innovative technologies allow various operations, laser prints, vintage effects, breakages, discolorations, abrasions. Furthermore, eco-friendly products are obtained, by using ozone treatment, in which the use of chemical products is limited, to adapt to new market trends and to guarantee environmental protection.
All activities are carried out by experienced and qualified personnel, who follow the creation of the product in every step, without any compromise that could alter the final quality of DOGEans